Quotes: Coach and captain contemplate draw results

Photo by Canada Soccer / André Ringuette

Photo by Canada Soccer / André Ringuette

After endless mock drafts and plenty of guessing games, Canada’s group at the 2015 Women’s World Cup is now a reality.

Canada will open up their campaign against China in Edmonton on June 6th. They’ll follow with a match against a team head coach John Herdman is very familiar with, New Zealand. Canada will wrap up round-robin play with a trip to Montreal and a date versus the Netherlands.

John Herdman on seeing his former squad, New Zealand, drawn in Canada’s group:

“It’s one of those teams that you’d like to share such a cool moment with in Canada, in a packed house, with those players you’ve worked with before. I’ve only worked with two groups of women in the women’s game and it’s the Canadians and New Zealand. To share one of my most amazing moments with a packed house in Edmonton, it’ll be fantastic.”


John Herdman’s overall thoughts on Group A:

“I think the draw is favourable. You can’t just look at your group. You’ve actually got to predict your route to the World Cup final. If you look at our route, if we miss that “group of death”, it’s very favourable. We may have missed some of those real threats.”

“That’s not an easy group with those three teams. They’ve been emerging teams on the world stage.”

“You can’t take your foot off the pedal. That’s one thing with this group, we’ll have to get out of the blocks quick. We won’t be able to mope around and have a lazy start. We have to have a fifth gear, all the way through to the finals.”

“You can’t predict everything that’s going to happen. That’s the beauty of these World Cups. When we watched the men’s World Cup recently, who would’ve thought some of the teams that got of the groups got out there, especially CONCACAF.”


Photo by Canada Soccer / Dustin Lafleur

Photo by Canada Soccer / Dustin Lafleur

Christine Sinclair:

“We’ve obviously been preparing already for a long time, but there’s something about knowing who you’re actually preparing for that makes the whole tournament seem real. It actually makes it seem like it’s just around the corner.”

“As soon as we found out we were going to be playing at Commonwealth, those of us that were part of that U-19 team [2002] couldn’t help but recall the memories and the great experiences we had there. It was tremendous. I consider myself very, very lucky because most people don’t get to play in one World Cup at home. I get the chance to play in two. Hopefully we can create some even better memories this time around.”


About the author:
Sandra Prusina is a journalist and broadcaster based out of Calgary, Canada. She has covered women’s soccer since 2010. She is also a segment reporter for Olympic Broadcast Services, traveling to Vancouver, London and Sochi to work for the host broadcaster.



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